At Blue Springs 'n Katydid Dog Training Center, our staff is dedicated to the training and betterment of all dogs. With more than 35 years of experience in dog training and obedience, we offer a variety of classes to dogs and owners throughout the Denver, Colorado, area. Our professional, experienced trainers are ready to help your pet become an obedient and well-behaved dog.

Whether your puppy needs beginner obedience classes or your dog is ready for advanced classes, our trainers know many different breeds and how best to handle them. Whether you want to prepare your pet to become a show dog, or just need a bit of basic obedience, Blue Springs 'n Katydid Dog Training Center can make any dog into a good dog. We also have private lessons available either at your home or at our Englewood, Colorado, training facility.

For more information about dog training and obedience classes, contact Blue Springs 'n Katydid Dog Training Center to learn more about our classes and other obedience services.


Conformation Class for Beginners

The conformation course for beginners will start on
Tuesday April 12th at 7:00pm.
 This class includes book work plus one hour on the floor with your dog.
The course will be taught by AKC judge Robin Hug.
Please call the center for details or to enroll.

Nosework News

Practice/drop-in sessions will now be offered on
Saturdays from 2:30 to 4:00
in addition to the previous sessions on Tuesdays from 3:00 to 4:30.


Conformation Practice Session
Handlers learning to present their dogs
in the best possible way for their breed

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