Reopening After the Pandemic

In order to keep everybody safe as we emerge from the pandemic, we will be observing new rules.
Chief among these are the wearing of masks and observing social distancing.

To understand all of our new measures, please read our post-pandemic protocols.

If we all cooperate, we can soon return to normalcy.
We look forward to seeing everybody back - safe and healthy!

Please Welcome Jim and Carol to Our Training Staff

BSKD continues to add to our talented staff. We are happy to introduce two "new" conformation trainers to our staff: Jim Maes and Carol Volleberg.

Many of you know Jim from his long-time handling of Shiba Inus, Akitas & Sammies. He has over 15 years of professional handling and will bring those skills to BSKD. Jim will be assisting Robin and Andi on Tuesday evenings with the new Puppy Conformation course and be a main trainer on Wednesday evenings for Conformation D/I.

Carol joins us from Rockwind Kennels and will be teaching Conformation D/I classes on Wednesday afternoons. She is a professional handler and has been teaching handling for more than 40 years.

These two trainers will allow Robin to concentrate on her courses and not have to worry about any conflicts between training and judging! Great news for all of our students.